Production Unit

In this unit, raw materials imported into the company are converted into the desired film and transmitted into the printing hall if needed. This process takes place under the required heat and strict hygienic and safety control, using advanced extruders and specialized personnel, on demand of customers.

The company is capable of manufacturing all kinds of plastic bags as follows:

Single-layer and three-layer low-density polyethylene film (LDPE) from 7cm to 500cm

High-density polyethylene film (HDPE) from 15cm to 130cm in different colors and thicknesses

(HDPE) from 15 cm to 130cm in different colors and thicknesses

Single-layer and three-layer cellophane (PP) from 20cm to 100cm wide

Industrial stretch from 10cm to 100cm in three-layer and five-layer forms

Printing and Laminating Unit

The company, equipped with a variety of domestic and foreign Flexo printing devices, is capable of printing all kinds of plastic bags in all colors and widths of the following:

Flexo printing in 6 colors, different types of products up to 50 cm wide

Flexo printing in 4 colors, central cylinder (all kinds of products for food, hygiene, advertising, etc.) up to 100 cm wide

Flexo printing in 4 colors up to 120 cm wide for advertising, carpet coating, isogam, foam, etc.

Two-colored printing up to 200 cm wide for advertising, sleep mattress covers, shrink film, pallet covers, etc.

In this unit, experienced personnel try to satisfy customers using high-potential devices and personal creativity. There are also activities such as flexo printing on nylon, nylex, cellophane, OPP, laminating and cutting if necessary, etc.

Sewing and Cutting Unit

Providing kinds of advanced sewing machines with modern technology, this unit can cover many customer orders in a variety of different sized products.Since packaging is of paramount importance in today’s world, the company strives to produce high-quality products to meet the customers’ needs by purchasing a variety of advanced domestic and foreign devices and employing carefully crafted personnel.This unit is capable of sewing different types of plastic for any packaging including food, hygienic, advertising, etc. with different types of sewing machines:

Laboratory and Quality Control Unit

Due to the significance of hygiene and quality of raw materials as well as the requirements of food and cosmetics supervision, this unit obliged to conduct routine MFT, TENSIL, and other tests regarding raw materials and products.Food Control System: Recommended and defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as follows:A mandatory legal activity implemented by national or regional authorities to protect the consumer and determine the health and safety of food during the production, packaging, and distribution process.According to this need, Isfahan Parnegar Plastic Co., under the brand name of Partash (meaning the moon threshing), has obtained separate manufacturing licenses for each of its food and hygiene packaging products to enhance food safety and health by collective efforts of all sectors involved in the food chain.

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